Some of my pictures; mostly taken of Galiano Island, Southern Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Some of them are large files so it might take a moment to load….

If you are interested in purchasing any of the images below, or seeing more of my work, please get in touch with me.

Active Pass Galiano Island ©Jemma Lee, 2012
Active Pass.©Jemma Lee, 2012
Arbutus, Abstract, Macro
Arbutus ©Jemma Lee, 2013
Victoria BC, Salish Sea, Juan De Fuca, Georgia Straight
Olympia ©Jemma Lee, 2015
Gossip Channel, Galiano Island © Jemma Lee, 2014
Gossip Channel ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Cain Road Beach, Galiano Island ©Jemma Lee, 2018
Cain Bay ©Jemma Lee, 2017
Sunset, Clouds, Galiano Island
Clouds ©Jemma Lee, 2017
Beach abstract, photography
Abstract Kelp ©Jemma Lee, 2015
Bearded Dragon, Moss, Forest, BC, Galiano Island
Bearded Dragon of the Forest ©Jemma Lee, 2013
Beach Stones
Beach Stones ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Tafoni, Sandstone
Tafoni ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Driftwood Sunset
Driftwood Sunset © Jemma Lee, 2013
Well, Tafoni, Sandstone, abstract, nature
Tafoni II, ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Dawn, sunrise, Salish Sea
Dawn over the Salish Sea ©Jemma Lee, 2014
Jade Mists
Jade Mists © Jemma Lee 2015