For many years I’d experienced increasingly severe symptoms including fatigue, pain, migraines, and right sided-headaches with visual disturbances, and field of vision loss. I also developed extreme sensitivity to noise, light, smells, certain foods, medications, and many cosmetics and normal household products. Tests were inconclusive and symptoms continued.

Then, in August 2012, after a concussion, I was diagnosed with a cystic pineal mass measuring around 1.5cms. Most cysts are assumed to be benign and asymptomatic, however, in some patients, usually those with cysts above 1.0cms, these cystic tumours can cause a host of health issues, including many of the symptoms I had.

Pineal Cyst Above

I sought the advice of specialist Dr. Dong Kim at Mischer Neurosciences in Houston Texas who confirmed my cyst was causing many of my symptoms, but not all of them.

Then on January 30th, 2015, my legs suddenly stopped working normally. It was like my brain and legs were suddenly unable to talk to each other. I ended up in hospital, and after seeing many specialists and undergoing myriad tests and invasive and non-invasive procedures, eventually in March 2016 was diagnosed with M.E (Also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

Doctors also confirmed that I have Fibromyalgia and several other Central Sensitivity Syndromes, which affect my GI System, Immune System, Urinary Tract System, and Endocrine System. As a consequence of my health issues, I was unable to keep my business open and had to close my successful art and antiques store in September 2015.

Since then I’ve been disabled and unable to work. These days, I am often housbound, although there have been periods of days or even weeks where things improve, and equally other times when I am pretty much bed-bound for days or weeks at a time. Its not easy.

Thankfully, have been navigating all of this while living in the tiny house. People think that it’s got to be harder living in a small space but when you have ME, it’s actually a lot easier because everything is so close together.

In fact, was designed with functionality in mind. Plus, the house was built with aging in place, and disabilities in mind, so works well with my limited mobility, and other physcial and sensory disabilities. Actually, it’s ideal. Something I’m grateful for every day.